About Brightonia

When I moved to Brighton at the age of 18 I found somewhere with a strong sense of identity.  Brighton and Hove may at times seem to be a fractured, incoherent city – something that is echoed throughout the Greater Brighton area as hippies rub shoulders with middle managers, muesli mums with the digerati – but underneath this there is a common bond.

I believe most inhabitants of the city are proud of its diversity, but I also find the tensions that exist between the different tribes of Brighton truly fascinating.  Those tensions are being played out all around us, as the city undergoes a period of serious redevelopment in order to find housing for the thousands who flock to this community by the sea.

This blog is my attempt to make sense of the beautiful and at times absurd place I live in. I’ll be charting the battles between developers and communities, the growth of Brighton as a hub for technology and innovation, and the interaction between the many groups and forces that make this city such an interesting place to live.


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